How to Find Coupons for Travel and Hotels

Looking to save money on your next travel adventure or hotel stay? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll explore the wonderful world of coupons specifically designed for travel and hotels. From discounted airfare to reduced room rates, we’ll show you various ways to find these money-saving gems. So, get ready to embark on your journey towards affordable travel experiences and hotel accommodations!

Online Coupon Websites

1.1 RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a popular online coupon website that offers a wide range of deals and discounts for various travel and hotel bookings. With a user-friendly interface and a vast database of coupons, RetailMeNot allows you to search for specific hotels or travel websites to find the best deals available. Whether you are looking for a discounted hotel stay or a promo code for a travel booking, RetailMeNot is a great resource to save money on your travel expenses.

1.2 Groupon

Groupon is not just limited to local deals and experiences; it also offers a variety of travel and hotel coupons. By partnering with hotels and travel companies, Groupon provides exclusive discounts and deals that can help you save a significant amount of money. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway or a long vacation, Groupon’s travel deals are worth exploring. Keep an eye out for flash sales and limited-time offers that can give you even greater savings on your travel expenses.

1.3 is another excellent online coupon website that offers a wide range of deals and coupons for hotels and travel bookings. With a simple search feature, you can easily find coupons and promo codes for specific hotel chains or travel booking platforms. regularly updates its database, ensuring that you have access to the latest deals and discounts available. Whether you are booking a flight, a hotel, or a full travel package, can be a valuable resource for finding coupons and saving money.

1.4 Honey

Honey is a browser extension that automatically searches for and applies available coupon codes when you make a purchase online. While Honey is not specifically focused on travel and hotels, it can still be a useful tool to find discounts on various travel-related purchases. By installing the Honey extension, you can enjoy hassle-free savings without the need for extensive searching. Honey supports a wide range of travel websites and hotel booking platforms, making it a convenient and time-saving option for finding coupons.

1.5 Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals is a website that specializes in finding and curating the best deals available online. While it covers a broad range of categories, it also offers a dedicated section for travel and hotel deals. With its team of experts constantly scouring the internet for the latest offers, Brad’s Deals brings you exclusive discounts and savings on your travel expenses. Whether you are looking for discounted hotel stays, airline tickets, or vacation packages, Brad’s Deals can help you find the best prices and coupons.

Hotel and Travel Booking Websites

2.1 Expedia

Expedia is a leading online travel platform that allows you to search and book flights, hotels, vacation rentals, rental cars, and more. While Expedia often offers competitive prices, it also provides various coupons and deals for additional savings. By signing up for Expedia’s email newsletter, you can receive exclusive offers, discounts, and bonus points that can be redeemed for future bookings. Additionally, Expedia’s loyalty program, Expedia Rewards, enables you to earn points on eligible bookings, which can be used to save money on future travel.

2.2 is a popular hotel booking website that offers a wide selection of properties worldwide. In addition to its extensive inventory, provides various coupon codes and promotions to help you save on your hotel bookings. By joining Rewards, you can unlock secret prices, enjoy free nights, and receive exclusive member-only deals. also has a Price Match Guarantee, ensuring that you get the best rate for your chosen accommodation.

2.3 is known for its extensive selection of accommodations, including hotels, apartments, villas, and more. While already offers competitive prices, it also features special offers and deals on its website. By signing up for a free account, you gain access to secret deals and member-only discounts. Additionally,’s Genius loyalty program rewards frequent bookers with even greater savings and benefits, such as free room upgrades and complimentary breakfast.

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How to Find Coupons for Travel and Hotels

2.4 Travelocity

Travelocity is a comprehensive online travel agency that allows you to search and book flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, and car rentals. Alongside its wide range of travel options, Travelocity also offers various coupons and promotions to help you save money. By subscribing to Travelocity’s newsletter, you can receive exclusive offers and discounts directly in your inbox. Travelocity’s Price Match Guarantee ensures that you get the best price available, providing peace of mind when making your travel bookings.

2.5 Priceline

Priceline is a popular online travel agency that offers discounted rates for flights, hotels, rental cars, and vacation packages. While Priceline’s Express Deals and Name Your Own Price options provide unique ways to save, it also features a Coupons section on its website. By browsing through Priceline’s coupon offers, you can find additional savings on your travel expenses. Priceline’s membership program, Priceline VIP, grants you access to even more exclusive deals and perks.

Loyalty Programs and Memberships

3.1 Hotel Loyalty Programs

Many hotel chains offer loyalty programs that provide various benefits to frequent guests. By joining a hotel loyalty program, you can earn points or miles for eligible stays, which can be redeemed for free nights, room upgrades, or other rewards. Hotel loyalty programs often offer exclusive discounts and promotions for members, making it worthwhile to sign up for these programs. Some popular hotel loyalty programs include Hilton Honors, Marriott Bonvoy, IHG Rewards Club, and World of Hyatt.

3.2 Airline Loyalty Programs

Airline loyalty programs allow you to earn miles or points for eligible flights, which can be redeemed for free flights, seat upgrades, and other travel-related perks. By joining an airline loyalty program, you can earn status levels that grant you access to additional benefits, such as priority boarding, lounge access, and bonus miles. Examples of well-known airline loyalty programs include American Airlines AAdvantage, Delta SkyMiles, United MileagePlus, and British Airways Executive Club.

3.3 Credit Card Memberships

Credit cards with travel rewards and perks can provide significant savings on your hotel and travel expenses. By choosing a credit card that offers rewards for travel bookings, you can earn points or miles that can be redeemed for hotel stays, flights, or other travel-related purchases. Additionally, certain credit cards provide complimentary travel insurance, airport lounge access, and other valuable benefits. Popular travel rewards credit cards include Chase Sapphire Preferred, American Express Platinum, and Capital One Venture.

3.4 Travel Memberships

Aside from hotel and airline loyalty programs, there are various travel memberships that can help you save money on your bookings. For example, AAA (American Automobile Association) offers members exclusive hotel and travel discounts, as well as roadside assistance services. Similarly, Costco Travel and Sam’s Club Travel provide their members with discounted rates on flights, hotels, and vacation packages. Exploring these travel membership options can lead to significant savings on your travel expenses.

Online Travel Forums and Communities

4.1 TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a renowned travel website that not only provides reviews and ratings for various accommodations, but also features a forum where travelers can ask questions and share their experiences. By joining TripAdvisor’s forum community, you can connect with fellow travelers, seek advice on finding the best deals, and share money-saving tips. TripAdvisor’s forum participants often share insider information on discounts, promotions, and hidden gems, allowing you to benefit from their collective knowledge.

4.2 FlyerTalk

FlyerTalk is a popular online forum for frequent flyers and travel enthusiasts. This community-driven platform covers various airlines, hotels, loyalty programs, and travel-related topics. By participating in FlyerTalk’s discussions, you can gain insights into the latest promotions, deals, and strategies for maximizing your travel savings. Whether you’re looking for tips on using airline miles or finding hotel discounts, FlyerTalk provides a wealth of information from experienced travelers.

How to Find Coupons for Travel and Hotels

4.3 Reddit Travel Communities

Reddit has numerous travel-related communities, or “subreddits,” where users share advice, reviews, and deals. Subreddits such as r/travel and r/flights are great places to seek recommendations and find information about current travel discounts. Additionally, subreddits like r/churning focus on maximizing credit card rewards and points for travel purposes. Engaging with these Reddit travel communities can provide valuable insights and help you discover hidden savings opportunities.

4.4 Lonely Planet Thorn Tree

Lonely Planet Thorn Tree is a popular travel community and forum that covers a wide variety of travel topics. It serves as a platform for travelers to connect, share advice, and discuss their experiences. By participating in discussions on Lonely Planet Thorn Tree, you can learn about discounted accommodation options, cheap transportation methods, and other money-saving travel tips. The forum’s active community members often provide valuable recommendations for finding coupons and deals.

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Social Media Channels

5.1 Facebook Groups

Facebook groups dedicated to travel and hotels can be valuable resources for finding coupons and deals. By joining relevant groups, you can connect with like-minded travelers who share their experiences, recommendations, and money-saving tips. Members of these groups often share exclusive deals, discount codes, and promotions that can help you save money on your travel expenses. Examples of popular travel-related Facebook groups include “Travel Hacking Cartel” and “Nomads Travel Community.”

5.2 Twitter Hashtags and Chats

Twitter is a social media platform that offers real-time updates and discussions on various topics, including travel and hotels. By searching for relevant hashtags, such as #traveldeals or #hotelcoupons, you can discover tweets that highlight the latest discounts and promotions. Additionally, participating in Twitter chats, where users discuss specific travel-related topics, can allow you to engage with industry experts and fellow travelers, providing opportunities to learn about exclusive deals and savings strategies.

5.3 Instagram Influencers

Instagram influencers, especially those specializing in travel, often partner with hotels, airlines, and travel brands to offer exclusive deals and discounts to their followers. By following popular travel influencers on Instagram, you can stay informed about limited-time offers, flash sales, and promotional codes. These influencers often share their firsthand experiences and provide honest reviews, giving you insights into the best deals and experiences available in the travel industry.

5.4 YouTube Channels

YouTube is a platform where many travel vloggers and content creators share their adventures and provide insights into various destinations and travel tips. By subscribing to travel-focused YouTube channels, you can stay up to date with the latest deals and promotions that these creators may share. From hotel discounts to package deals, these content creators often provide valuable information on how to save on your travel expenses. Some notable travel YouTube channels include “The Points Guy” and “Flying the Nest.”

Email Subscriptions

6.1 Hotel and Travel Newsletters

Subscribing to hotel and travel newsletters is a great way to receive exclusive offers and promotions directly in your inbox. Many hotels and travel websites send out regular newsletters that feature discounted rates, flash sales, and special deals for their subscribers. By signing up for these newsletters, you gain access to insider information and opportunities for significant savings on your travel expenses. Examples of hotel and travel newsletters include Marriott Bonvoy, Hilton Honors, and Kayak’s newsletter.

6.2 Coupon Alerts

Some online coupon websites, like RetailMeNot and, offer email alerts for specific coupons or deals. By creating an account and setting up coupon alerts, you can receive notifications whenever relevant discounts become available. If you have specific hotels or travel booking platforms in mind, coupon alerts can be a convenient way to stay updated on the latest deals without having to constantly search for coupons manually. This way, you won’t miss out on any potential savings.

How to Find Coupons for Travel and Hotels

6.3 Deal Aggregators

Deal aggregators, such as Brad’s Deals and Slickdeals, compile and present the best deals and discounts available across various categories, including travel and hotels. By subscribing to these deal aggregator newsletters, you can receive a curated selection of the latest and most popular deals directly in your inbox. These newsletters often feature time-sensitive promotions and limited-time coupon codes, ensuring that you are always in the know regarding the best travel-related deals.

Mobile Apps

7.1 Coupon Apps

There are several mobile apps dedicated to providing coupons and discounts for various products and services, including travel and hotels. Popular coupon apps like RetailMeNot, Honey, and also have mobile versions available. By installing these coupon apps on your smartphone, you can easily search for travel and hotel coupons while on the go. Additionally, some coupon apps offer geo-targeted deals that show discounts based on your current location, allowing you to find savings near you.

7.2 Hotel and Travel Apps

Many hotel and travel booking platforms have mobile apps that not only provide a convenient way to search and book accommodations, but also feature exclusive app-only deals and discounts. By downloading hotel and travel apps like Expedia,, and, you can access mobile-exclusive discounts that may not be available on their websites. These apps often offer personalized recommendations and push notifications for limited-time promotions, ensuring that you don’t miss out on any savings.

7.3 Aggregator Apps

Aggregator apps gather information from various travel websites and present them in one consolidated interface. These apps allow you to compare prices, find the best deals, and book flights, hotels, and other travel services all in one place. Examples of popular aggregator apps include Skyscanner, Kayak, and Hopper. By using aggregator apps, you can save both time and money by streamlining your travel-related searches and bookings.

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7.4 Flight Booking Apps

For frequent flyers, flight booking apps can offer significant savings on airfare. Apps like Hopper, Skyscanner, and Google Flights allow you to track flight prices, set price alerts, and find the best deals for your desired destinations. By receiving notifications when prices drop or during flash sales, you can take advantage of lower fares and secure the best possible deals for your flights. Make sure to explore the different flight booking apps available to find the one that suits your needs and preferences.

Booking Multiple Services

8.1 Bundle Deals

Booking multiple travel services together, such as flights and hotels, can often lead to significant savings. Many travel booking platforms, including Expedia and Priceline, offer bundle deals that combine flights, hotels, and sometimes even car rentals into a single package. By bundling your travel services, you can enjoy special discounts and exclusive offers that are not available when booking each component separately. This approach can be particularly beneficial for those planning comprehensive trips, such as vacations or all-inclusive getaways.

8.2 Package Deals

Similar to bundle deals, package deals offer a combination of services, such as flights, accommodations, and activities or tours, at a discounted rate. Travel agencies and tour operators often provide package deals that cater to specific destinations or travel themes. By opting for a package deal, you can save money and enjoy a more streamlined booking process. Package deals often include various added benefits, such as airport transfers or complimentary meals, further enhancing your travel experience.

8.3 Partner Offers

Hotels, airlines, and other travel service providers often partner with each other to offer joint promotions and discounts. By leveraging these partner offers, you can enjoy additional savings and benefits when booking multiple services. For example, a hotel may offer discounted rates for guests who book flights with a specific airline. Similarly, airlines may provide promo codes or exclusive deals for passengers who choose specific hotel partners. By taking advantage of these collaborations, you can maximize your savings and enhance your overall travel experience.

Off-Season and Midweek Deals

9.1 Seasonal Discounts

Traveling during the off-peak seasons can often result in significant savings. Many hotels and travel companies offer discounted rates during periods of lower demand, such as weekdays or non-holiday seasons. By being flexible with your travel dates and destinations, you can take advantage of these seasonal discounts. Additionally, booking in advance or planning your trips for shoulder seasons, when demand is lower, can help you secure better rates and find attractive deals for your hotel and travel bookings.

9.2 Weekday Savings

If your travel plans permit, consider booking your hotel stays and flights for weekdays instead of weekends. Many hotels have higher occupancy rates during weekends, resulting in higher prices. By choosing to travel and stay midweek, you can often find better rates and more favorable deals. Furthermore, attractions and activities may also offer discounted rates on weekdays, as they tend to be less crowded compared to weekends. Embracing flexibility and adjusting your travel plans to weekdays can lead to substantial savings.

9.3 Last-Minute Bookings

While it is advisable to plan and book in advance to secure the best rates, last-minute bookings can occasionally yield exceptional deals. Hotels and travel companies may offer discounted prices for unsold inventory closer to the travel dates to fill any remaining vacancies. By being flexible and open to spontaneous trips, you can take advantage of these last-minute deals. Keep in mind that this approach may not always guarantee availability, especially during peak travel seasons, so it is essential to have alternative options or backup plans.

Negotiation and Direct Contact

10.1 Contacting Hotels Directly

In some cases, contacting hotels directly can lead to better rates or additional perks. By speaking directly with hotel reservation agents, you may be able to negotiate lower rates or inquire about any ongoing promotions that may not be available online. Additionally, if you are a loyal customer or a member of their loyalty program, the hotel may offer special benefits or upgrades based on your status. It’s always worth reaching out to hotels, especially for longer stays or when booking multiple rooms, to explore potential savings or personalized deals.

10.2 Negotiating Rates

If you are booking accommodation directly with individual property owners, such as vacation rentals or bed and breakfasts, it may be possible to negotiate the rates. Many individual property owners are open to negotiating prices, especially for longer stays or during quieter periods when demand is lower. By communicating your specific needs and budget, you may be able to secure a more favorable rate or additional amenities without compromising on the quality of your stay.

10.3 Booking Managers or Sales Teams

For corporate or group bookings, reaching out to booking managers or sales teams can often lead to better rates and negotiated deals. Hotels and travel companies typically have dedicated teams that handle group reservations or corporate accounts. By contacting these teams directly, you can explore options for discounted rates, custom packages, or added benefits for your specific requirements. Establishing a direct line of communication with these professionals gives you the opportunity to discuss your needs and negotiate terms that can lead to significant savings.

In conclusion, there are numerous ways to find coupons for travel and hotels. From online coupon websites and loyalty programs to social media channels and email subscriptions, the options are plentiful. By utilizing these resources and strategies, you can maximize your savings and make your travel experiences more affordable and enjoyable. Whether you are planning a budget-friendly trip or seeking luxury accommodations at a discounted price, the availability of coupons and deals makes it easier than ever to travel without breaking the bank. So, start exploring these options and embark on your next adventure while staying within your budget!