How to Save Money by Stacking Coupons

Imagine being able to save money on your everyday purchases by using a simple yet powerful secret technique: stacking coupons. Not only is it easy to learn, but it can also help you stretch every dollar further. In this article, we will guide you through the process of stacking coupons, showing you how to unlock incredible discounts and deals that will leave you feeling like a savvy shopper. So, grab your scissors, organize your coupons, and get ready to start saving big!

Understanding Stacking Coupons

What is coupon stacking?

Coupon stacking refers to the practice of using multiple coupons on a single purchase to increase savings. By combining different types of coupons, such as manufacturer coupons and store coupons, you can significantly reduce your overall shopping costs.

How does it work?

When you stack coupons, you are essentially layering discounts on top of each other. For example, let’s say you have a manufacturer coupon for $1 off a specific item and a store coupon for an additional 20% off. By using both of these coupons together, you can save even more money on that particular item.

Benefits of coupon stacking

The main benefit of coupon stacking is obvious – more savings! By cleverly combining different coupons, you can stretch your dollars further and get more for your money. Coupon stacking also allows you to take advantage of multiple promotions and discounts simultaneously, maximizing your overall savings.

Finding Coupons to Stack

Search for manufacturer coupons

Manufacturer coupons are issued by the brand or company that produces the product. These coupons can be found in various places, such as newspaper inserts, product packaging, or online coupon databases. Look out for these coupons when doing your grocery shopping or visit the manufacturers’ websites directly to see if they offer any printable coupons.

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Look for store coupons

Many stores offer their own coupons to incentivize customers to shop with them. These coupons can be found in weekly ads, flyers, or on the store’s website. Signing up for the store’s loyalty program or newsletter is another great way to receive exclusive coupons and discounts.

Check online coupon websites

There are numerous online coupon websites that gather and share various types of coupons. Some popular websites include RetailMeNot,, and Honey. These websites often have a wide range of coupons available for different stores and products. Be sure to check these websites regularly for new coupons and deals.

How to Save Money by Stacking Coupons

Know Store Coupon Policies

Read and understand store policies

Every store has its own coupon policy that dictates how coupons can be used. It is vital to familiarize yourself with the policy of the stores you plan to shop at to avoid any confusion or issues at the checkout counter. Most stores have their policies available on their websites, or you can ask a store employee for a copy.

Check for restrictions and limitations

Store coupon policies may have certain restrictions or limitations on coupon usage. For example, some stores may limit the number of identical coupons that can be used in one transaction, or they may not accept expired coupons. Understanding these limitations will help you plan your shopping trips more effectively.

Know the expiration dates

Both manufacturer and store coupons have expiration dates. It is essential to check and keep track of these dates to ensure that your coupons are still valid when you use them. Expired coupons will not be accepted, so make sure to organize them in a way that allows you to easily identify and remove any expired ones from your collection.

Organizing and Sorting Coupons

Create a coupon binder

A coupon binder is a practical way to keep your coupons organized and easily accessible. You can use a simple three-ring binder with plastic inserts or dividers to categorize your coupons. Make sure to choose a binder with plenty of pockets or sleeves to accommodate your growing coupon collection.

Use divider tabs or categories

Divide your coupons into categories to make them easier to find. Some common categories include food, household items, personal care, and baby products. You can use adhesive tabs or create your own divider cards to separate each category within your coupon binder.

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Keep coupons organized by expiration dates

To ensure that you use your coupons before they expire, it is helpful to sort them by expiration date. Place the coupons with the closest expiration dates at the front of each category. This way, you can easily identify and use coupons that are nearing their expiration.

How to Save Money by Stacking Coupons

Understanding Coupon Terms

Know the difference between store and manufacturer coupons

Store coupons are issued by the specific store and can only be used at that store. On the other hand, manufacturer coupons are provided by the brand or company and can be used at any store that accepts coupons. Understanding the distinction between these two types of coupons is crucial when it comes to stacking them.

Understand coupon doubling and tripling

Some stores offer coupon doubling or tripling, which means they will multiply the value of the coupon. For example, a $1 coupon may be doubled to $2 or even tripled to $3. This can lead to substantial savings when combined with other coupons.

Recognize stacking limits

While coupon stacking is a great way to save money, it is important to be aware of any stacking limits imposed by stores. Some stores may limit the number of coupons that can be stacked per transaction or the total amount of savings allowed. Familiarize yourself with these limits to ensure you comply with the store’s coupon policy.

Timing Your Purchases

Shop during sales and promotions

To maximize your savings, try to time your purchases to align with sales and promotions. Many stores offer discounted prices on specific products or have seasonal sales events. By combining these sales with your stacked coupons, you can achieve remarkable savings on items you regularly use or need.

Combine coupons with clearance items

Clearance sections are often filled with heavily discounted items. By combining your stacked coupons with these clearance items, you can enjoy even greater savings. Just make sure the coupons can be used on already discounted items, as some restrictions may apply.

Buy in bulk for greater savings

Buying in bulk can result in significant savings, especially when combined with coupon stacking. Look for deals on bulk items or consider joining a wholesale club where you can find discounted prices on a wide range of products. By stocking up on frequently used items, you can save money in the long run.

How to Save Money by Stacking Coupons

Maximizing Savings with Online Coupons

Search for online coupon codes

When shopping online, take advantage of the numerous online coupon codes available. These codes can be entered at the checkout to apply additional discounts to your purchase. Websites like RetailMeNot and Honey often provide coupon codes for a wide range of online retailers.

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Utilize cashback websites

Cashback websites offer you the opportunity to earn money back on your purchases. By going through these websites before making a purchase, you can receive a percentage of your spending back as cashback. Combine this with coupon stacking for even greater savings.

Sign up for store newsletters and email alerts

Many stores offer exclusive coupons and discounts to their subscribers. By signing up for store newsletters and email alerts, you can stay informed about upcoming sales, promotions, and receive special coupons that can be stacked with your others. This is a great way to access additional savings.

Stacking Coupons at Major Retailers

Target’s coupon stacking policy

Target is a retailer known for its generous coupon policy. They allow the stacking of one Target-specific coupon, one manufacturer coupon, and one Cartwheel offer on each item. This can result in significant savings, especially when combined with their regular sales events.

Walmart’s coupon stacking policy

Walmart does not officially allow coupon stacking. However, they do accept both store and manufacturer coupons, which can still lead to savings on your purchases. It is important to check the specific policies of your local Walmart, as they may vary from store to store.

Kohl’s coupon stacking policy

Kohl’s is another retailer that allows coupon stacking. They accept both store and manufacturer coupons, as well as Kohl’s Cash, which is a form of store credit. This means you can combine multiple coupons and discounts to maximize your savings when shopping at Kohl’s.

Tips for Successful Coupon Stacking

Check for overlapping deals

To make the most of your coupon stacking efforts, look for overlapping deals. This means finding items that are already on sale or part of a promotion that can be combined with your stacked coupons. By combining discounts, you can achieve even greater savings.

Be mindful of coupon expiration dates

It cannot be stressed enough – always keep an eye on coupon expiration dates. An expired coupon is simply a missed opportunity for savings. Review your coupon binder regularly and remove any expired coupons to keep your collection up to date.

Keep an eye on store promotions

Stores frequently run promotions and special events that can offer big savings opportunities. Pay attention to these promotions and plan your shopping accordingly. By combining these promotions with your stacked coupons, you can experience substantial savings.

Avoiding Common Coupon Stacking Mistakes

Not reading coupon fine print

One of the most common mistakes when stacking coupons is not reading the fine print. Some coupons have specific restrictions and exclusions that may prevent them from being used with others. Always take the time to carefully read the details and limitations of each coupon to avoid any surprises at the checkout.

Using expired or invalid coupons

Using expired or invalid coupons is not only a waste of time but can also lead to frustration during the checkout process. Keep a close eye on expiration dates and ensure that your coupons are still valid before using them. Additionally, make sure the coupons are for the correct products and match the item you intend to purchase.

Ignoring store policies

Store policies play a crucial role in successful coupon stacking. Ignoring or not familiarizing yourself with these policies can lead to misunderstandings and disappointment. Take the time to understand and follow the coupon policies of the stores you shop at to ensure a smooth and successful coupon stacking experience.

By following these tips and strategies, you can become a savvy coupon stacker and unlock substantial savings on your everyday purchases. With a little organization and know-how, you’ll be amazed at how much money you can save by stacking coupons. So grab your coupon binder, start collecting those coupons, and enjoy the thrill of stretching your hard-earned dollars further. Happy couponing!